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Welcome to Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic!

From routine health care to urgent medical issues, cats’ needs vary throughout their lives. Dr. Bonder can help no matter what life stage your cat is in. We focus on the general well-being of your cat, which includes a “head to toe” physical exam, wellness blood work, and a nutritional evaluation. We offer vaccines, only if your cat's lifestyle requires them, which is assessed for each individual cat.

We are the only cat hospital in Toronto!

We are cat lovers ourselves and understand how stressful it can be to take your cat to the vet. So, we have focused on providing a clean, calm, and dog-free environment that makes your cat comfortable.

We offer Telemedicine Consults for those Special Cats

Call us at (416) 479-0142 today, or request your cat's next appointment online!

6 Ways to Prevent Your Pets from Getting Lost

6 Ways to Prevent Your Pets from Getting Lost

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. With more pets going missing during the 4th of July weekend than any other time of the year, it's crucial to safeguard our furry friends from backyard parties, loud fireworks, and summer vacations. Keep your pets safe and secure this summer.

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Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic