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It Is Important That We Are Cat-Only

At Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic, we understand the unique sensitivities and needs of our feline friends. We believe that it is crucial to create an environment where cats can receive the care they deserve without the added stress of encountering dogs during their visit.

Cats are sensitive animals. As both hunters and prey, they are exceptionally attuned to their surroundings. When they are ill or injured, their sensitivities are increased and they can become more stressed.

Yet for many cats visiting a veterinarian, the first step in the healing process finds them confined in a small room with a dog. Their health and well-being are already compromised, and these cats must deal with the added stress of a potential threat mere feet away.

Even absent dogs in the waiting room leave a lingering scent which will stress a cat waiting to see the vet.

We offer specific cats-only appointments to eliminate the barking and excessive activity that are the norm with canine visits

  • Cat-only waiting room
  • Cat-only hospitalization and treatment areas
  • No dog smells
  • No dogs decrease the stress level of your cat in the veterinarian's office visit
  • No dogs barking or any dogs running around the veterinary office stressing our feline patients

Your cat's health and well-being are our top priorities. We believe that by offering a cat-only environment, we can create a stress-free experience for your beloved feline friend, allowing them to receive the care they need with the utmost comfort. Call us at (416) 479-0142 today to schedule your cat's next visit!

Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic